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IT consulting firm that assists U.S. Government and Commercial customers with installing and configuring necessary IT solutions - specializing in Splunk, UNIX Systems Administration, Cyber Security, and host of other areas of IT.


Everything is on the computers these days. Businesses run more efficiently thanks to the computers and the internet. Employers manage to stay in touch with and keep an eye on their employees with the help of computers. Computers have not only reduced the thousand miles gap between countries to minutes and seconds but also made the running of offices and companies easy. Computers enable you to keep your clients in the loop all the time, the internet lets you attend meetings from home and even from an airplane.

But what happens when the smooth working of your computer system gets disturbed? Your business will suffer, your clients will panic when they aren't able to get in touch with you, the employees won't be able to report back to their bosses quickly, and the whole thing will create a big mess. Not to mention the danger your data will be in when your computer system gets attacked. To save your system from a breach or damage of any kind, you need cybersecurity. That's where Advanced Consulting Experts and Solutions better known asACES Tech comes in. ACES Tech has an experienced team of engineers qualified enough to keep your data and computer system safe from all kinds of threats.

Cybersecurity, however, is not the only service ACES Tech provides. ACES Tech also sets up operating systems for its clients. We have over a decade of experience with Windows and UNIX systems. We will not only set up an operating system for you but we will also ensure the smooth running of that system and will be there to help you if any problem arises. We also have Splunk experts who can administer the Splunk application for you – from design to implementation.

Why Choose ACES Tech:

There are numerous reasons to choose this outstanding company, but a few are:

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    We really know what we are doing. We don't take cybersecurity lightly. Everyone at ACES Tech is proficient in the topic. We have UNIX and Splunk experts ready to help you whenever you want.

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    All of us at ACES Tech place the importance of work above everything else. Our professional ethics make it harder for us to rest until we have satisfied our clients and taken away their worries.

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    You can count on ACES Tech to help you with every issue that arises and slows the pace of your computer systems or the one that affects the cybersecurity of your office's network.

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    Every member of ACES Tech's team has years of experience with the IT industry. Whether it is the installation and management of the UNIX systems or the splunk software, or the cybersecurity of an IT system, our team of experts can handle it all efficiently and effectively.

Our Commitment to You:

Customized Services:


ACES Tech will provide you with customized services according to your business's needs. We understand that each company tries to accomplish different things with the help of their IT systems. ACES Tech will design a customized package for you that will include services oriented to your business's goals in it.

Technical Experts


ACES Tech will render you with the best services thanks to our team of technical experts. We understand that not everyone can understand the complexities of UNIX and Splunk and not everyone can treat Cybersecurity issues. We have experts in each field ready to help you with your IT systems problems.



We offer full accountability to our clients and will always be ready to answer any and all of your questions regarding how we operate and handle your data. We ensure you that your data will be safe in our hands from all kinds of theft.

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Splunk turns machine data into answers. Regardless of your organization’s size and industry, Splunk can give you the answers you need to solve your toughest IT, security and business challenges—with the option to deploy on-premises, in the cloud or via a hybrid approach.
What is Machine Data?
Machine data is generated by everything that powers your organization—including applications, infrastructure, security software and the Internet of Things. It’s complex and voluminous, growing at 50x the rate of traditional business data. And it contains valuable insights, if you’re able to make sense of it. That’s where Splunk comes in!
Why Splunk?
Ecosystem You need to be able to get insights from all of your data, so Splunk has a robust ecosystem of partners to ensure you can access and get value from the data generated by your existing technologies. Artificial Intelligence We’ve integrated artificial intelligence across the Splunk platform and our premium solutions to help you automatically detect anomalies, predict future outcomes and sift through noise so that you can focus on what’s most important.Privacy and Security When working with Splunk, you can trust your data is private and secure. Security is a key part of our product design and development. We train all Splunkers on secure data handling and comply with international and industry standards.
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We'll do everything we can to fulfill your IT service needs.